Buckle Up!

MADNESS Autoworks presents the next generation of throttle control modules.
This is not your mass market throttle module. It’s made to order for the USA, utilizing the latest hardware from Germany.
Designed to outperform the competition or your money back!
Our entire range of MADNESS GOPedal Throttle Control Modules come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Designed for those looking to improve performance and response!

Want to enhance the performance of your vehicle?

Before you try any other upgrade we suggest trying one of our MADNESS GOPedal Throttle Control Modules first.

The installation takes minutes with basic tools and the mod is fully reversible. There are many upgrades you can do, but why not start with something that is easy to install and comes with a risk free free trial.

This simple mod will transform your vehicle (or your money back!) and provide you with a great starting point for your other mods by allowing you to adjust throttle response as needed.

Having trouble passing and merging?

Our MADNESS GOPedal Throttle Control Modules safely modify the program of your accelerator pedal. This will provide you with faster and more precise throttle response when you put your foot down to pass or merge.

The notice will be Night and Day!

Like driving fast, but not all the time?

The MADNESS GOPedal Throttle Control Modules puts the control in your hands! Modules come with multiple throttle maps that cover every driving style. In addition each map can then be further customized/ fine tuned by you if the need or want is there.

Can I install it myself?

The MADNESS GOPedal Throttle Control Modules take minutes to install with basic tools!

What if I don't like it?

Don't worry! We are confident you will love this upgrade. Our MADNESS GOPedal modules come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Use it for up to 30 days and really try it out for yourself.

Choose Your GOPedal


Our newest throttle control module that incorporates the features of our original MADNESS GOPedal plus some exciting new upgrades.


Our top selling throttle control module that has been loved by thousands of fellow enthusiasts from all over the world.


April 2023
April 2023
April 2023

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